One project down, a gazillion more to go. *grin*

OK. Strikeforce Falcon #2 – “Operation Komodo” is off to the editor. *cues the band*

What next? Well, along with finishing the work on Terra Incognito and For a Few Gold Pieces More, I just fired up the ol’ computer on Steel on Target. Been a while since I worked on this story, so I really need to review where I was, what I want to keep, and how best to get this thing moving on a regular basis.

Steel on Target, you ask? Yes, this is the Military SF story I’ve been working on for quite a while. Got put aside when I was doing all those short stories/novellas for Musa and Pro Se. Now, it’s time to dust it off and get to hammering it out.

Plus, I have a few other irons in the fire. You knew I would. *grin*

Amongst chaos . . . writing!

20 of 34 pages of Operation Komodo edited tonight.

The companion novel to For a Few Gold Pieces More plotted out today and a rough outline is taking shape.

Another noir novel outlined.

I’d say, it was a pretty productive day for writing all the way around.

Sunday writer walk-about was successful . . .

Had a very productive writer’s walk-about today. Stopped at a used CD store and picked up some new music for my gig as an on-line DJ for Then I stopped at Bean Hollow in Ellicott City with the iPad and the keyboard, ordered myself a big mocha, and sat down to work.

In an hour and a half, I finished the first draft of “Operation Komodo” (and the choir sang “Hallelujah!), as well as the opening chapter for the fourth Theron Chase story (which looks like it might be the 2nd full novel for the series), and wrote down the outline for yet another story I want to work on down the road.

Honestly, I don’t know what has been my hang-up about “Operation Komodo”. It should have been a rather straightforward story, but I fought and refought this battle with myself forever. But, the first draft is done. It’s just a matter of taking the red pen to it, cleaning up the grammar and tightening it up and then it’ll be off to the publisher.

I had some serious mojo going today and I might still be at Bean Hollow, but family duties come first, so I packed it up and came home at the appointed time.

So, now, I’m settling in to watch the Royals game and will finish the edits to the secret project this evening.

Been a good writing day so far.

(Amended: secret project revised and shipped off to the editor. All good thoughts gratefully accepted.)


After dealing with both my graphic designer and my cover artist, I’m noting something. I’m really trying to avoid becoming that problem writer as far as my artists go. Unfortunately, I have Zero, zip, nada skill when it comes to drawing. Hell, I’m not even sure of my stick figures from time to time.

So, I’m reduced to trying to explain concepts and ideas as best I can, but sometimes it comes down to me seeing the concept art and then going, “OK, that works, but that doesn’t, could we maybe try this . . .”. I really don’t mean to be the “I’ll know it when I see it” customer, but it happens. What I see so clearly in my head is not always the easiest thing to describe in a manner that it can be reproduced by another person.


And the week’s off to a good start

Spent some time working on my new Dark Leopard story today. Calling this one Freeze Frame and it’s set a few months from the end of Mouse Trap. Really enjoy developing this character and her supporting cast. While it did start out as an homage to another character, it’s definitely taking on a life of its own. Can’t wait to see the revamped costume for her by Rock Baker either.

Also, spent some time today working on refining the outline for the next Theron Chase story. Yes, I know Pearls of Darkness hasn’t been released yet, but that doesn’t mean I should just sit around and wait for it before starting the next one. I’ve gotten some really good feedback, both from readers and authors I look up to, on this one and I can’t wait to open up the shades and see what the streets of Calisia have in store for my intrepid private investigator.

Finally, I worked on “Operation Komodo” this evening. Finally got the final scene ready to write – had to go back and do some work to get the beats right to get all the players where I needed them to be for Strikeforce Falcon’s latest mission. Now, hopefully, I can finish this over the next few days and get it en route to the editor.

Plus, over the weekend, I was talking with April MacDee. We’ve been working on a YA Urban Fantasy for some time, but grad school got in the way (first for her, than me). Now, it’s time we dusted it off, updated a few things and got this darn thing written.

And I’m sure there’s more lurking in the shadows. There always is . . .

Writing deadlines and Con deadlines wait for no person . . .

Been a busy night tonight.

Added 1,257 words to Operation Komodo bringing me to the final scene. Let’s just say, our commandos have a bit more to think about when their guide points out while the commandos may be fighting the Japanese, at least they can leave after the operation. The natives have to stay there (and probably get blamed for helping the commandos whether they did or not). Our Captain Delaney’s war is not so personal anymore. Actions do have consequences, no matter which side you’re on.

Also, I received a galley this evening I need to read, red line, and return as quickly as possible.

And beyond that, I have another short story I’m trying to get ready before I leave for Origins. More on that later . . . I hope.

Convention preparation went on tonight on several fronts.

Awesome Con is best summed up by an earlier tweet of mine tonight. “Small comic boxes assembled, books located, new price list printed, display items located, table cover found, t-shirts AWOL *sigh*” Yep, it’s always something.

Tomorrow night, I’ll arrange everything on the kitchen table to ensure I have my optimal set up. Normally, this wouldn’t be an issue, but this is the first time I’d adding an electronic visual to the table set up. Since a lot of my work has been with e-books lately, I built a slide show of my book covers to let people know I have more available than what I have on the table in front of them.

And, beyond Awesome Con, I’m starting prep for Origins Game Fair which comes up next week and also I’ve been chatting with Ashley Chappell-Peeples and Amanda Porter about the upcoming Rocket City Literature Festival.

But now, it’s time to call it a night.

Promotional Stuff

Had fun this evening. Did an interview for the Pro Se Podcast with Tommy Hancock this evening. We discussed some of my work with Pro Se as well as some upcoming projects and also the joys (and brickbats) that come from writing genre.

I’ll let you know when it comes out and hopefully, you’ll enjoy listening to Tommy and me talking about old-time radio, pulp fiction, historical research and all things Pro Se.

And, while you’re waiting for that, why not check out some of the podcasts with other authors on that site. There are some great discussions to be discovered there.

Now, back to the writing.

So, this is progress. I’d almost forgotten . . .

A much better report tonight on progress.

Added another 1400+ words on Operation Komodo tonight and finally figured out what wasn’t working about the ending. Tossed about twelve pages of the story and started over from Point A, but it’s going to be a much stronger story now.

Placed my order for electricity at Awesome Con. So, I’ll be bringing the computer, projector and projector screen for the table. I’m working on a slide show of all my book covers. Since it’s hard to sell e-books at the show, at least I’ll be able to show the covers and talk about them and hope people will order them later.

(Yeah, I know, pipe dream, right?)

Worked on the For a Few Gold Pieces More Kickstarter concept today. Developed the reward levels and what different things I could do for rewards. Then I had my first conference with someone who had run a successful Kickstarter. She highly suggested I dump about half of the reward levels I was considering – she thinks I’m making it more complicated than it needs to be. She also suggested some different rewards than I was considering. But, she thinks the basic idea of my reward scheme is solid and she likes the concept of my KS video. She also offered to help out with one of the rewards and I’m certainly going to take her up on it, if this project goes forward later this summer.

I do need to contact my artist though and see if he’s up for doing this project (1 color cover, 10 b&w illustrations, and 1 color painting for the KS giveaway). I need to get how much he’d charge for doing this entire thing so I can realistically set my funding goals and stretch goals.

Also, going through some papers, I found a Mil SF short story I’d thought I’d lost – two different openings to the same story too. This is one I’d been planning on submitting a while ago, so now I need to type it into the computer and see how I can blend the two beginnings into a coherent story and then write the ending. It’ll be about 7500+ when all is said and done, but that’s before editing. We’ll see what I can do with it down the road.

Have to say, I’m rather pleased with the day’s work.

Sure, why work on the projects you’ve already got going when you can add even more . . . *sigh*

Gah, stuff just eating away at my time.

Still working on Operation Komodo. Behind schedule *sigh*, but getting a better handle on how I want to wrap this all up. Already tossed out two endings because . . . well, because I wasn’t happy with them.

Sekrit project is still sekrit for the moment. Been doing lots of paperwork for that though.

Still trying to hammer everything down for Awesome Con at the end of May.

Kicking around the idea of doing a Kickstarter for “For a Few Gold Pieces More”. Worked up a script for the video, been working on ideas for levels and stretch goals. Been going over the Kickstarter site with a fine-toothed comb seeing why projects seem to work and/or not work. Trying to come up with a reasonable budget for the project. Trying to talk to people who’ve done successful Kickstarters to see what advice they can give me (besides “Flee, you fool!”). And so on. That has sucked up a big chunk of time.

Outlined a new novel for sometime off in the future.

Oh, yeah, and also just today, came up with some new characters I’m going to have to find a story for just because they’re that cool.

Thanks, mind. Like I wasn’t already behind on everything?

Oh yeah, an old project appeared out of the evening mist and may be resurrected in the future. More to follow there too.

Maybe I need a new muse. How about one with wings and a rocket pack?

Steampunk Rocket FairySteampunk Rocket Fairy 2

Spare time? What is this spare time you speak of?

See, this is what happens when you start to think, “Wow, I’m almost caught up on stuff, maybe I can start working on X now.”

So, I continued working on Operation Komodo tonight, and added about 1700 more words (and eliminated about 300). Good progress, I’m well over the halfway point. Time to start pushing toward the finish line with this story.

Then in the space of about two hours, I receive a galley to proof for the Origins Game Fair anthology Space, where my story “Moonshadows” will be appearing. So, need to carve out some time for that. Along with receiving the galley, I was approached by a publisher I’ve worked with to possibly contribute a short story for a new anthology he’s putting together. So, I’ll need to do some research, but it sounds like a fun project and well, I’m a sucker for the topic.

Oh, did I mention, I got an idea for a possible new comic script to start pitching around. So, eventually, I’ll have to finish writing up at least a synopsis of the characters and their powers and what the hell will I do with the characters since I created them before having a story to go with them and is it something I can put in a universe I already have or is it a stand alone project?

Oh yeah, and there is a new “sekrit” project on the horizon too.

Hey, Hermione! Pass me the time turner. I’m gonna need it.