Score: Technology 1, Me 0

And for something completely different, I had my first turn as an on-line disc jockey tonight for the Gaming World Entertainment Network. It was fun, frustrating, and a bit nerve-wracking.

Now, mind you, I haven’t DJ’d since college which was more than a few years ago (aka, who here still remembers how to queue up a 45 so it ‘s up to speed as you go on air with it?). I’m more used to dealing with mixer boards and slider bars in real life, not in a virtual studio, but luckily, the gw-en DJ’s were more than patient with me and helped me get set up for my show tonight.

The biggest problem I had tonight was I purchased a really good microphone and pre-amp set up years ago. At the time, they were not necessarily top of the line, but about as close as I could afford. Unfortunately, as we learned this evening, WIN7 doesn’t play well with them. And, it reads the microphone as a mono system when it’s definitely not.

So, needless to say, this drove the DJ on duty with me crazy as he was trying to fix things mid-stream. Finally, we just decided to punt back to my good ol’ Logitech headphones/microphone and voila, the issues cleared up. Why? Don’t ask.

Luckily, the in-game audience seemed to appreciate the playlist I had put together and I got some encouraging words from other former DJs who happened to be there. So, while tonight’s performance wasn’t going to win any awards, at least I didn’t completely fall on my face.

It looks like I may be doing this one evening a week for three hours. I think once I get my feet back underneath me (and get some patter down for the audience), it’ll be a lot of fun. And heck, since it’s a volunteer position, if it’s not fun, why am I doing it? *grin*

Once I know what my actual schedule is, I’ll let you know when to find me if you like “classic rock with a twist.”

Computers and Bears have much in common . . .

OK, not exactly the progress I had hoped I’d make today on a story I’m doing for fun, but sometimes technology gets you and sometimes you get technology.

I have a writing app on my iPad and up until now, it’s been pretty darn good for a free app. *cue dramatic music* Up until now, that is.

Today, when I wanted to mail the file to myself so I could work on it on my main writing computer, it wouldn’t mail. I did everything according to the manual and all the app would do is throw me out back to a main screen. That, my friends, is not useful.

I fought with the app off and on all day today. Even the app support team wasn’t sure what was going on here. I was about to give up, when I decided I’d try one last thing. I managed to copy the file and posted it into my “Notes” page, and then from there, I copied it into the body of the email instead of attaching it as a file. Luckily, I hadn’t written that much (it’s the first chapter), so the file went through the aether and voila, it’s in my regular mail file.

So, while I didn’t get to add more words to “Cat and Mouse”, I at least have it on the regular computer, saved, and ready to go tomorrow. I want to get this chapter done and off to a couple of beta readers I know before I push on with the project. It’s going to be a serialized novel and strictly “for the love”. It was a project I was really hoping I’d get the chance to write for, but it never got off the ground. Still, I had the outline and all the character sheets done, so I figure it’s good practice as long as I’m making progress on my other stories.

So, besides this and working on updating my web site that’s pretty much been my President’s day off.