Richard C. White

Rich made his first professional sale in 1975 when he sold a sports article to the Hallsville (MO) Top. Over the next several years, he became the sports editor, and wrote articles and editorials for the paper. He was a sports reporter at the University of Central Missouri’s radio station where he wrote/edited on-air copy and did interviews with local schools sports teams.

After college, Rich joined the United States Army, where he was stationed in such exotic locations as Waynesville, MO, Ayer, MA, El Paso, TX, Clarksville, TN, San Angelo, TX, Sierra Vista, AZ, and Ft. Meade, MD. (Although, if you push, he will admit that the two tours to Monterey, CA weren’t really hardship tours.)  After a number of years, Rich left the Army  in 1999 and joined a defense contractor in Annapolis Junction, MD, where he still works today.

While still in the service, Rich sold his first comic script to StarWarp Concepts and then went on to create his own small press company, Nightwolf Graphics. However, launching a new company in the middle of the Great Black and White Implosion was probably not the best of timing. Still, his two comic series, Troubleshooters, Incorporated and Chronicles of the Sea Dragon will be released as e-comics by StarWarp Concepts this fall.

Rich began writing media-tie in works in 1998 when he co-wrote “Assault on Avengers Mansion” for The Ultimate Hulk with Steven A. Roman. After that, he wrote an original novel based on the Gauntlet Dark Legacy video game. He has also written for Star Trek and Doctor Who.

He is currently working on a short story collection, tentatively titled For a Few Gold Pieces More and has just released the ninth of ten stories for the collection. He also has begun writing “New Pulp” stories as well as original fantasy and science fiction works.

Rich is a member of the Science Fiction and Fantasy Writers of America and the International Association of Media Tie-in Writers. He also serves on SFWA’s “Writer Beware” committee.

When not writing, he shows an inordinate amount of interest in sharp pointy things. Rich  picked up fencing in college, learning the foil. Also, while attending the University of Central Missouri, he was introduced to the Society for Creative Anachronism, where he learned the art of sword fighting using both broadsword and shield, great sword, and pole arms. He also was an apprentice armorer, learning how to make both leather and steel armor pieces for other members. Additionally, he was a herald for the West Kingdom, doing both field and court heraldry as well as designing over 40 coats of arms and badges for members of the Barony of the Dark Woods. Rich’s current sword-related vice is Kendo, where he has achieved the rank of nidan and is studying both itto (single-sword) and nito (two-sword) styles of Kendo.

He is pursuing his Masters of English at Bowie State University and was recently selected to be a member of Sigma Tau Delta (The International English Honors Society). He was also selected to become a member of Phi Theta Kappa at Howard Community College in 2007 .

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