Spare time? What is this spare time you speak of?

See, this is what happens when you start to think, “Wow, I’m almost caught up on stuff, maybe I can start working on X now.”

So, I continued working on Operation Komodo tonight, and added about 1700 more words (and eliminated about 300). Good progress, I’m well over the halfway point. Time to start pushing toward the finish line with this story.

Then in the space of about two hours, I receive a galley to proof for the Origins Game Fair anthology Space, where my story “Moonshadows” will be appearing. So, need to carve out some time for that. Along with receiving the galley, I was approached by a publisher I’ve worked with to possibly contribute a short story for a new anthology he’s putting together. So, I’ll need to do some research, but it sounds like a fun project and well, I’m a sucker for the topic.

Oh, did I mention, I got an idea for a possible new comic script to start pitching around. So, eventually, I’ll have to finish writing up at least a synopsis of the characters and their powers and what the hell will I do with the characters since I created them before having a story to go with them and is it something I can put in a universe I already have or is it a stand alone project?

Oh yeah, and there is a new “sekrit” project on the horizon too.

Hey, Hermione! Pass me the time turner. I’m gonna need it.

My steampunk muse

I think I found my muse for when I get back to work on “On Wings of Steel”. This particular figure stands almost 24″ tall, so I’ll have to find a very special spot near the desk for her to sit.

It’s hard to find a good steampunk figure with metallic feathers instead of faerie wings. And while there are fae running around in Southwatch, the Angels of Steel are definitely human . . . or so it’s believed anyway.

So, meet Erica, the newest member of the writing team.

(There’s another one that is a companion piece with a steampunk dragon curled around her feet, but since the gargoyle does play an important part in “Wings”, I thought it made more sense to go with this one.)

Angel of Steel_1 (474x800) Angel of Steel_1_gargoyle Angel of Steel_1_wings

Best laid plans and all that . . .

Gotta love technology.

Stupid program has very simple instructions – open document, hit file, hit save as, hit the button in the upper right corner, hit mail. mail document I’ve been writing all evening to myself.

In reality – open document, hit file, hit save as, hit button, have program dump me out. Try again . . . and again . . . and again

Eventually, it’ll let me do what I want, but I’m thinking after tonight, I’m dumping every file out of this program and I’ll find something else to use. This happens far too often to make the program useful.


This was supposed to be a post about my writer’s walkabout today. Wound up going to Jailbreak Brewery and spent a very enjoyable evening there. Got several scenes written for Operation Komodo and enjoyed fantastic beer.

My work table at Jailbreak Brewery


Hmm, writing and beer. Sorta like peanut butter and chocolate. They just go good together.

Sometimes there’s more to the writing life than writing —

—like being able to see. *grin*

An exciting day . . . well, maybe not, but the entire family has now had our trip to the optometrist and the bulk purchasing of glasses has happened again. Both Joni and I work on computers at work and then in the evening, I spend more time on the computer working on stories and stuff and Joni continues working on getting her jewelry-making business going.

So, we’ve probably been stressing our eyes a tad more than we should have. Both of us are still good at distance, but reading glasses with anti-glare lenses were the order of the day. I’m getting my first “progressives”. They’ll be still for reading but set at two different lengths – one approximately where I hold a book and the other the distance my computer at work is from me. The laptop will probably be read through the “reading” section.

I am and am not looking forward to this. The fact I’m still roughly 20/20 in my right eye and 20/25 in my left is encouraging though. I’m still using my current reading glasses from 2008, but I’m going to be very curious how things look with the new specs once they arrive.

Did some convention related stuff today too. Picked up a portable battery for my mini-projector. Having my projector has been a life-saver at a few conventions already, but if I can have my own power source available in case there’s an issue with running an extension cord to me is a nice option to have.

Also, I’ve booked my room for 2016’s Mysticon. I’ve never booked a room 10 months out from a convention before, but after the issues I had in 2015 trying to get hotel accommodations, I’m not taking any chances.