Write Stuff Wrap-up

The Write Stuff Writer’s Conference was this past weekend and a great time was had by all. First off, I have to thank Phil Giunta and the rest of the people at the Greater Lehigh Valley Writer’s Group for putting on a fun conference. Also, I have to thank Kristen Lamb for bringing an incredible energy to the show. Not only was it fun sitting through her presentations, but she was a genuinely fun person to hang around with, especially at Waffle House on Friday evening.

The Writer Beware panel on Friday night was well attended and there were a lot of good questions that came from the audience. We spent some time discussing vanity publishing, self-publishing, printers, and packaging (hiring people to help with the publishing, but keeping control for yourself). There were follow-up conversations at the social on Friday evening and again on Saturday as I ran into people who’d attended the night before.

The Historical Writing panel was good, but I had to shift gears. I was more prepared to talk about writing historical fiction and most of the attendees were there for writing historical non-fiction. Luckily, research is research, so I think we all got something out of the panel (they had some good suggestions for research I hadn’t even thought of, and it’s always great when I can learn something at a panel too.)

The Historical Fiction presentation

The Historical Fiction presentation


Had some fun conversations at the Book Fair on Saturday too and one of the participants actually recognized the character on my t-shirt, so bonus points there.

My friends (and Shore Leave refugees), Mike Freedman, Aaron Rosenberg, and Steve Wilson, were also presenting and I hear their panels went well also. In general, there was great feedback from the participants and I hope to get back to do this conference again soon.

Miscellaneous Writing Tasks

Been a busy last few days. I’m one of the judges for the Scribes Award for the International Association of Media Tie-in Writers and we’ve been busy reading and discussing this year’s entries for “Original Novel”.

It’s been a lot of fun – there are some fantastic authors out there. Not every author necessarily writes in a style that’s my favorite and not every show/license is necessarily my cup of tea, but that’s part of my job to set those aside and try to judge whether or not they really captured the flavor of the franchise (as well as how well they wrote those particular entries).

Also, I’m busy going through and rewriting/practicing/cleaning up my PowerPoint presentations for the Write Stuff Writers Conference this weekend, hosted by the Greater Lehigh Valley Writer’s Group. I’m doing two talks this weekend. Friday at 7pm I’m going to be talking about Writer Beware and Saturday at 11, I’m speaking on the “Craft of Writing Historical Fiction”

Given my current work on “Strikeforce Falcon” and the research I did for the “Original Black Cat” story I have coming out soon, I think I’ve got a pretty good handle on that talk. *grin*


And now, a word from our publisher

The cover for Full Moon Affair

The cover for Full Moon Affair



Known as an innovator in Genre Fiction, Pro Se Productions announces its latest release, a digest novel that seamlessly blends the classic Private Investigator archetype into a world of urban fantasy laced with monsters and murder. Full Moon Affair, Veteran author Richard White’s first in a new series of digest novels is now available in print and digital format from Pro Se Productions.

“Mystery and monsters,” says Tommy Hancock, Pro Se Productions Editor in Chief, “are a perfect combination for genre fiction writers and readers. And now Richard White has brought his own voice to not only a mystery with monsters, but he’s given us a character that could stand alongside the PI greats against any number of thugs, goons, and ghouls. Theron Chase is as hard boiled as they come, even when it’s a vampire, zombie, or other unspeakable abomination across the battered desk from him. Full Moon Affair is, above all else, all parts fun!”

Calasia is a nice little town if you don’t mind running into the occasional oddball, street thug, or troll. It was a pretty normal summer day when Ze’eva Blackthorne approached Theron Chase, a detective, with a problem. Someone was trying to kill her. Even worse, that someone seemed to know her deepest secret, because why else would he be using silver bullets to try and knock her off? To make matters worse, it seems that everywhere Ze’eva and Theron go while he’s investigating the case, assassins and bodies keep turning up and the local cops are more than happy to blame the growing body count on Theron. The clues all seem to point to one thing. While Ze’eva is the target, she’s not the ultimate prize. Apparently the person behind this threat is after her father, a man she’s never met, and this mastermind is pulling out all the stops. Theron soon learns there’s a new threat . . . an assassin who has the ability to assume another person or creature’s shape. So now, Theron must protect his client from anyone and everyone they meet and still try to solve the case before someone decides to end Ze’eva’s singing career—permanently. From author Richard White comes the first in a series of supernatural Private Eye adventures featuring Theron Chase. Thrill and chill to the perfect blend of mystery and monsters in Full Moon Affair.

Richard C. White is the author of several fantasy works, including Skin the Cat and Wings of Fire. Additionally, his newest novel, On Wings of Steel, will be released by Musa Publishing as a part of the Darkside Codex, a shared world project that he helped create. Along with writing Fantasy and Science Fiction, Rich has been bitten by the “New Pulp” bug and has several stories coming out by Pro Se Productions in the near future. The first of his, “Notes in the Fog” was released in the Charles Boeckman Presents: Johnny Nickle duology in May 2013. He also is a media tie-in writer, having written for Star Trek, Doctor Who, and The Incredible Hulk. His novel, Gauntlet Dark Legacy: Paths of Evil, was the best-selling tie-in for his publisher in 2004.

Full Moon Affair, featuring a haunting cover and logo design by Jeffrey Hayes and print formatting by Forrest Bryant, is available now in print at Amazon and Pro Se’s own store at http://prose-press.com/pro-se-store/ for $9.00. The ebook edition designed and formatted by Russ Anderson is available for only $2.99 for the Kindle at Amazon and most other formats at www.smashwords.com.

For more information on this title, contact Morgan McKay, Pro Se’s Director of Corporate Operations, at directorofcorporateoperations@prose-press.com.

To learn more about Pro Se Productions, go to www.prose-press.com. Like Pro Se on Facebook at www.facebook.com/ProSeProductions.

Another teaser

Received the first draft of the cover for “Terra Incognito” from Shane Braithwaite.


For a first draft, it’s about 95% right on the money. Just a few edits but they’re production oriented, not art oriented. Just have to tweak it slightly to get it ready for when we go to print. But otherwise . . .


Can’t wait to share it with you once we’re ready to go live.

Folks, definitely check out this guy’s site.


Sneak Preview

A small excerpt from “Full Moon Affair”, graciously posted by my publisher.


A Sneak Peek at an upcoming digest novel from Pro Se Productions! An excerpt from Richard White’s FULL MOON AFFAIR, available this week from Pro Se! Art and logo design by Jeff Hayes, Editing by Logan L. Masterson and Morgan McKay.


She leaned forward, making sure I was paying attention. It was not a hard task to accomplish. “Let me give you some friendly advice. Weres tend to be antisocial when they’re sober. When they get drunk . . .”

“. . . their inner animal comes out. Yeah, I should have thought of that.”

She laughed at that comment. “You have a clever way with words, Theron. I think I’d like being around you even if I wasn’t your client.”

I thought I wouldn’t mind that either. I glanced out the window as she sat at the makeup table fixing her hair. A flash of light caught my attention and I leapt away from the window and grabbed her, pulling her down to the floor with me. A second later, there was the sound of shattering glass and a sickening thunk against the wall above me.

She started to scream, but I put a hand on her mouth. “Be still. Whoever’s out there doesn’t know if they got you or not. When I leave, crawl out the door and have Louie hide you somewhere. I’ll be back in a bit.”

I scurried to the door and inched it open. When I was certain no one was waiting in the hall to ambush us, I motioned for her to follow and then sent her running toward the main room. I let myself out of the side door and circled around, slipping my revolver out of my coat pocket. I reached the edge of the building and glanced down the alleyway, but as I suspected, it was empty.

The sniper had cleared out as soon as he’d fired.

I went over to a pile of boxes and poked around. The assassin had left his calling card though; a silver bullet lay on the ground at my feet.


And the wheels keep on spinning

Galleys for the Full Moon Affair have been gone over and sent off to the formatters. Getting closer and closer to being a real thing.

Now, I need to start working on the back cover copy for Terra Incognito and get back to reformatting For a Few Gold Pieces More. Also, Operation Komodo is moving along as well as another couple of stories.

Plus, I need to go over my talks for the Write Stuff Writer’s Conference. Need to make sure my slides are updated for my two presentations there. I’m looking forward to this event – been a while since I’ve presented at a writer’s conference, plus I hope to take advantage of the opportunity to do some networking too.

But, now, I probably should call it a night.

Authors supporting other authors.

That’s the cool part about attending a convention.

Reading from Skin the Cat at Mysticon 2015.

Reading from Skin the Cat at Mysticon 2015.

Leona Wisoker, (who’s a pretty good author . . . you should check out her work), was nice enough to hang around for my reading at Mysticon on Sunday. Even nicer were the tweets she sent out during the reading from “Skin the Cat” . . .
3/1/15, 12:09 PM
My reading’s done, & now @Nightwolfwriter Richard C. White is up! stop by & hear whatever SF/F he decides to read!

3/1/15, 12:14 PM
Did you ever wonder who went shopping for that fabulous dress Cinderella wore? @Nightwolfwriter has the answer…

These stories ain’t gonna write themselves

Terra Incognito is about 90% done with the revisions and almost ready to ship off to the new editor for the usual beating. *grin* It’s mostly been formatting issues. Things that probably got through because it was a monthly magazine would drive a reader crazy in book format, so I had to go through and ensure there is some consistency. Even if my editor recommends a different way to format, at least I have a starting point.

Also, I’ve seen the preliminary sketches for the cover to Terra Incognito. Color me impressed. I can’t wait to share Shaun Braithwaite’s work with you.

Also, I’m working on Operation Komodo, the second installment of Strikeforce Falcon for Pro Se Press.

Additionally, since For a Few Gold Pieces More has wound up back with me due to Musa Publishing closing its doors on the 28th of February, I’m trying to decide what to do with the collection. I know the quick answer would be self-publish the ten short stories as quickly as possible, but that will require commissioning ten new covers as well as redoing the front pieces, the back covers, and everything in-between.

Now, I had always envisioned releasing the collection as a print book as well as collecting them into one e-book, but that was down the road. I’m having to fight the fear of having them not out there and balance it with the need to re-release them properly. Plus, the budget for new art and production costs has to come from somewhere. Also, the time it will take to do this right is going to take time from writing, so which project(s) do I delay to deal with all of this?

Oh yeah, and I’ve thought of a couple more stories I’d like to get around to writing sometime here in the future. (Bad plot bunnies, get back into the hutch.)

I know, first world author problems, right?