Plans and Pains . . .

Some days, words come easy. Some days, not so much. Actually, the words were coming easy tonight, but my back was rather unhappy with me. It took quite a while to figure out the best set up for my writing area so I was late getting started.

Still, I knocked out 1567 words tonight on Murder in Monaco and have just finished setting up the final scene in this story. We’ll probably have to put this on hold because I need to focus on my paper for my Seminar on African Literature since it’s due next Wednesday.

Of course, while I was at work today, one of my colleagues gave me a great idea for a new story. However, I added it to my notebook to take a look at it later. I’ve already got too many things on the schedule to try to shoehorn in another story. But, it was a delicious idea and if I don’t use it for a separate short story, it may work very well in a story called Shattered Mirror I’m co-writing with April MacDee.

<Hannibal>I love it when a plan comes together</Hannibal>


Oh, and tonight, I got the envelope from Bowie State I had been waiting for . . . the results of my Comprehensive Exam.


I passed.

*fires the confetti cannon*

There’s no other test I’ve ever taken in college (graduate or undergraduate) I wanted so much to pass. I never want to have to take that again!

And now, I don’t have to!

Step by Step . . .

Gah, I hate it when I get an allergy attack. Mainly because they’re so foreign to me. I never suffered from more than a slight dust allergy before I moved to Maryland. Now, it seems there is something here that hates me. I was basically down all day Friday/Saturday and only began recovering on Sunday. I used what little clear-headedness I had on Sunday to work on my final paper for Grad school (not counting my thesis).

However, I decided tonight was a good night to work on a story I owe a publisher. So, I knuckled down and added 3516 words to Murder in Monaco tonight. Once more good push and we should be done with the first draft of this story. Huzzah!

Then, I can get started on the other stories I owe people.

But, that beats the heck out of not owing any words to anyone.

Surprise, surprise, surprise.

(For those of you who follow me on FB, you may ignore this post.)

I don’t normally post a lot of non-writing stuff on this blog, but as you may know, I’m in my last couple of semesters at Bowie State University, working toward my Masters of Arts in English. It’s been an interesting three years, trying to juggle a full-time job, college, writing, and family and friends. It’s been interesting too since my daughter is currently in college also, so we double-check each other to ensure we’re current in our homework and such.

So, I was surprised last night when the office manager for the English department to me there was a letter for me in her office. Since there was a little time before class started, I followed her back, thinking it was my comprehensives results. Instead, it was from the Dean of the College of Arts and Sciences at Bowie State.

It took me a few passes to comprehend what it said:

“It is with great pleasure that I write to inform you that the CAS Awards Selection Committee has unanimously selected you winner of the 2014 ‘Outstanding Graduate Student Award'”

To say I’m flabbergasted is putting things mildly. I had no clue I’d even been nominated for this award by my faculty or what I’d done to deserve this. While I like getting compliments the same as anyone else, I really don’t see myself as anything special. I’m really humbled by this.

Next post, I’ll try to have some writing stuff for you.


The Author’s Lament

So, how have I been spending my time since the con? Just kicking back and relaxing? *wipes tears from eyes from laughter* Not a chance.

First off I’m working on my final paper for my Seminar in African Literature, doing a deep reading of Amos Tutuola’s My Life in the Bush of Ghosts and identifying whether or not a case could be made that it is an allegory for slavery. Definitely taking a lot of research time because there’s surprisingly not a lot of peer-reviewed literature out there on this subject.

Plus, I just finished the line edits for Skin the Cat and mailed them back to my editors at Musa Publishing. Cat is the penultimate story in my For a Few Gold Pieces More collection and without a doubt the longest story in the collection. Tomorrow, I hit the galleys for Wings of Fire. The rest of the week will be devoted to trying to finish Murder in Monaco as well as working on my paper.

Oh, did I mention working on my thesis?

What is this recovery time you speak of?

Well, outside of going to bed, which I probably ought to do here soon.

AwesomeCon Wrap-up

And AwesomeCon has come to an end.

Saturday’s crowd was significantly larger than Friday evenings, but then again, most of the media guests were there. There were a ton of cosplayers and way too many cute kids in their costumes. Sunday’s crowd was much smaller, which didn’t surprise me considering it was Easter, but unfortunately, sales on Sunday weren’t quite up to the first two days. But, there were good conversations with the fans and even ran into another UCM alumnus at the show (small world and all).

Several con goers walked away with books of mine over the two days. It was odd, but for a comic convention, my anthologies sold better than my comics . . . go figure. Sold almost all of my current stock of the Corps of Engineers anthology. I”m down to my last two Hulk anthologies – I think they’re probably the last two in the wild. And, I sold several Chronicles of the Sea Dragon, Troubleshooters, and a Shazal miniature.

One of the really fun things was getting to see my co-plotter on Chronicles of the Sea Dragon, April MacDee, get to sign her first comic for one of the fans. I remember that, (OK, vaguely I admit),
but, it was still fun to watch.

I was also able to represent Writer Beware a few times. Talked to some new writers about where to get advice, discussed a publisher with another writer and will be doing more research on it with the rest of team, and best of all, I visited with the D.C. Public Library staff about possibly doing a Writer Beware workshop at the library some day this fall. I noted we tend to speak mainly to SF/F writers because those are the conventions we normally attend. However, people who write romance, historical fiction, literary fiction, mysteries, etc. face the same challenges as anyone else.

So, it was a fun weekend, but now back to the grind.

AwesomeCon – Day 1

First day of the show is in the bag.

I was beginning to worry at first.  As normal, I didn’t get out of here as quickly as I thought I might, but at least I started early enough that a small delay wasn’t a killer for once. However, now I remember why I prefer to be a panelist and not an exhibitor/dealer. Gah! Much easier to bring a small bag of books to sell at a signing than trying to remember if I brought this, and packed that, and do I have enough of the other thing . . .

Still, all in all, it was a very productive day and got to meet quite a few fans. The daughter-unit came along and helped out quite a bit, especially when Dad was getting mighty grumpy that it took over a half-hour to find a public parking garage in that part of D.C. Luckily, Dad is taking Metro there tomorrow (there’s a station that comes up right under the convention center).

We had a good time and she picked up some significant swag and got to meet some of her favorite artists from Deviant Art as well as some of the web comic artists/writers that we both enjoy.

Sold some Chronicles of the Sea Dragon, my Star Trek anthologies, and my Johnny Nickle books. Made a few new connections and definitely hope to do some horse trading with a few people between now and Sunday.

Also, booked my hotel room for Origins tonight, so that’s another load off of my mind there.

However, gonna be an early start for tomorrow to get there by NLT 0930 to get the table set up. Hopefully my back and legs will hold up all weekend (Once the doors opened, I sat down for about three minutes between 1500-2000 and tomorrow is 1000-1900. Yikes. Aleve, do your stuff!)

Convention Preparations Continue

A little closer to getting ready for AwesomeCon this weekend. Dropped off a job at Kinkos to get some handouts made to promote my e-books and I’ll be able to pick that up tomorrow morning.

That’s one of the drawbacks to doing primarily e-books these days. People at conventions love to buy books that they can get signed (although if they bought more of mine I wouldn’t complain *grin*). However, it’s much harder to “sell” an e-book at a show unless I were to call up a web site for them and then wait for them to pay for it and download it at my table (like that would happen.) Book purchases, comic purchases, toy purchases, etc. at conventions tend to be impulse buys. E-purchases are more deliberate, so I’m thinking having a hand-out with my books, their ISBNs and prices may help interested people remember who they were talking to about what after the show’s over.

I meet a lot of people who I talk to at shows and they “say” they’ll be sure to order my book when they get home. However my sales show that’s not really happening. So, I’m going to be charitable and assume they don’t remember specific details considering how many people they meet at a show. The hand-outs should help that part. Those who are just saying “I’ll buy it later” and don’t mean it, well, that’s just a part of being an author. *sigh* I’d rather they just say, “not really interested” than “I’ll buy it later” and then disappear. Yeah, I know they’re trying to be polite, but I appreciate honesty a tad bit more.

I also put more time in on Murder in Monaco tonight. I spent the evening writing about a car chase down a winding Alpine road and hopefully the editor will enjoy it as much as I’ve enjoyed plotting it out. I wound up with another 2,244 words tonight, which makes it a pretty good evening.

Tomorrow night is packing night. Always the fun time of “where the heck did I put that thing and where is . . . and who put X over here?”

Busy, Busy, Busy . . . .

Took a little time off tonight from my college work to get some writing done on Murder in Monaco. Added 2,395 words to the manuscript and I’m pretty happy with most of them. I’m sure there’ll be some shifting , editing, and rewriting when I do the pass before I send this off to my editor, but I think the story is finally moving in the direction I want it to go.

So, finished making a flyer for AwesomeCon, got progress made on a story, started getting my schedule figured out for Origins, and now I have the line edits for Skin the Cat to review and the cover art for Wings of Fire has been approved.

Not a bad day’s work.

Tomorrow, taking the flyer to Kinko’s to make the copies and then doing more work on my college paper before the big convention packing night on Thursday. I think I know where all my convention gear is, but “knowing” and” putting your hands on it” are sometimes two different things.

How Do I Let Myself Get Talked Into These Things . . .

And with the weekend fast approaching, I am making mad frantic preparations for AwesomeCon this weekend.

I haven’t solo’ed at a comic convention since 2005, but when my friend Steve Roman of StarWarp Concepts had to cancel due to unforeseen circumstances, he offered me his table (since I have two comics that StarWarp is publishing).

So, you’ll be able to find me promoting StarWarp Concepts at the show. I’ll be manning table T-6 and I hope to see a number of you there. There’ll be copies of the Troubleshooters Incorporated graphic novel, Chronicles of the Sea Dragon, t-shirts, pewter miniatures, and some other books I may have worked on in the past, too.

Now, where did I put that table covering . . .?

Strikeforce: Falcon is Go.

(with apologies to the Thunderbirds)


Pro Se Single Shot & Signatures Line



A cutting edge Publisher of Genre Fiction, Pro Se Productions reveals the inclusion of Science Fiction, Fantasy, and New Pulp Author Richard C. White as a charter author in Pro Se’s recently announced PRO SE SINGLE SHOT SIGNATURE line of series and imprints of digital singles.

In the early days of 1942, Imperial Japan was on the march in the Southwest Pacific. The Netherlands East Indies had fallen except for a few hold-outs on islands most of their defenders had never heard of before being assigned there. Bataan had fallen and Corregidor Island would only last a few weeks longer. The mighty American navy was still trying to recover from the twin disasters of Pearl Harbor and the Java Sea. It seemed that the Rising Sun would soon make it’s appearance in Australia.

But, not if the men of Strikeforce: Falcon had anything to say about it.

Strikeforce: Falcon is a series loosely based on the exploits of Z Special Group—a group of Allied commandos who drew on the experiences of the British Special Operations Executive and adapted them to the jungles and islands of the Pacific theater. “Strikeforce: Falcon is going to give me a chance to step out of my comfort zone,” says White. “I’ve been focused on fantasy and science fiction the past ten years, and it’s going to be good to get back to my roots. I think my experiences, both as a U.S. Army veteran as well as a historian, will help me bring these stories to life. But, whatever the source of the inspiration, it’s the action and intrigue surrounding the commando group that drive the story.”

Richard C. White’s first Pro Se work was in the Charles Boeckman Presents: Johnny Nickle collection released in July 2013. There are other projects currently in the works which will be released by Pro Se later this year, to include a fantasy noir duology called Chasing Danger: The Case Files of Theron Chase.

While Rich has only been publishing with Pro Se since 2013, he has been writing Science Fiction and Fantasy since 1998. He broke in doing media tie-in work, working on such varied licenses as The Incredible Hulk, Star Trek, Doctor Who, and Gauntlet Dark Legacy. His most recent work has been For a Few Gold Pieces More, a dark fantasy short story collection for Musa Publishing and he is the world builder behind Musa’s newest shared universe series The Darkside Codex, a steampunk series. Rich’s own contribution, beyond the story bible for Southwatch and the surrounding environs, is On Wings of Steel, a novel to be released in 2014. Additionally, Rich is a member of the Science Fiction and Fantasy Writers of America, the International Association of Media Tie-In Writers, and a member of the Writer Beware committee for SFWA.

For interviews with the author or more information on the Pro Se Single Shots Signatures, contact Morgan Minor, Pro Se’s Director of Corporate Operations, at

For more information on Pro Se Productions, go to Like Pro Se on Facebook at